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The ocean theme of architech design
“bringing the blue ocean into the room”
serve by over
20 years of experience chefs
The customer s’ satisfaction
is our happiness


1.Món Hải Sản
Big Mantis Shrimp

Roasted with Tamarind sauce / Steamed with Lemongrass and Chilli / Steamed with Lemongrass and Chilli / Fried with Butter and Garlic

Titan Triggerfish

Grilled with Salt and Chilli / Steamed with Soya-sauce / Porridge / Sour and sweet broth

Wild Red Grouper

Sashimi / Steamed with Soya – sauce / Grilled with Salt and Chilli / Roasted with Salt / Fisherman Hotpot

Mud Crab/Mud Crab with Roes

Steamed / Roasted with Salt / Roasted with Tamarind sauce

Blue/ red/ rock crab

Steamed / Roasted with Salt / Roasted with Tamarind sauce/ Hotpot

Wild Ornate Spiny Lobster

Blood Pudding / Baked with Cheese / Roasted with Salt / Tamarind sauce / Sashimi / Grilled on Charcoal

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Today, we are completely satisfied with the quality of the seafood and service of Seafood world restaurant. The seafood is fresh, the flavours is amazing! Is not easy to keep the freshness ingridients, among those, seafood is the hardest one. This is an amazing dinner. Thank you to the Seafood world restaurant team. We looking forward to returning to the restaurant in the future” – Feedback from the Canadien Miss Universe (on the right) and Thailands Miss Universe (on the left)

Among many vietnamese seafood restaurants, which one can prodly introduce Vietnam culinary quintessence to international friends? The answer is found at the World of Seafood. Our mission is to honoring high-quality seafood and Vietnamese cuisine, we do everything to connecting seafood lovers with fisherman. By commitment of ‘Whatever can swim, we have it all’ and ‘We only cook what’s swimming”. The World of Seafood is the number one seafood restaurant system in Hanoi with five ‘bests’ that have been affirmed and recognized by customers: • The most diverse: Almpost 100 type of swimming seafood • The freshest • The best prices • The most popilar: Thanks to the support and trust of customers, the Seafood world restaurant has become one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Hanoi. • The only one restaurant chain that provide the culinary culture to honor Vietnamese cuisine. Our cultural dishes: Fishing Boat Hot Pot, Lobster Blossom, Lovers’ Oyster…”

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