Air miles in hand – Enjoy seafood right away

On the occasion of cooperation between Seafood World Supermarket Restaurant System and Vietnam National Airlines – Vietnam Airlines, diners who are Golden Lotus Members can easily pay for food and beverage services at Sea World Earn by redeeming airline miles with the following conversion rates

Ưu đãi con hàng hải sản tháng 9

Tháng 9 trông trăng – Ưu đãi ngập tràn

Mùa trăng gõ cửa, Thế Giới Hải Sản gửi tặng thực khách ưu đãi hấp dẫn với các loại hải sản “đang bơi” cùng những món ăn đầy sáng tạo gồm: 10 loại hải sản và 2 món mới


Green Lobster – Eat freely, as strong as Thach Sanh

The whole country is in the mood to fight the epidemic. All families hope to have Thach Sanh’s health to defeat Covid. Then, the World of Seafood would also like to join hands in this battle with a “weapon” to increase superior body resistance – Green Lobster!


Premium elite Australian Abalone offers

For a long time, abalone is considered a noble food and contains abundant nutrients, very good for human health. Grateful to diners during the epidemic season, Seafood World offers diners a special offer of abalone.


Flounders – Treasure of the sea

The flounder is directly imported from South Korea by Seafood World with high nutritional value. With a unique flat body structure, always swimming tilted to one side without tiny bones, firm flesh, and a fragrant, sweet taste, it is a very popular specialty among Vietnamese diners today.


Golden flounder’s prices in Hanoi – Attractive offers

Fresh and delicious in taste, and very safe to eat as it doesn’t have any tiny bones, the golden flounder is a favorite dish of many modern families. However, it is a rare and difficult-to-harvest seafood. Therefore, its price is not at all inexpensive. To provide diners with more opportunities to enjoy this species of fish, Seafood World regularly offers attractive promotions.

Giá Tôm hùm Úc ưu đãi

Special offers for Australian Lobsters at Seafood World

The Australian lobster is a precious seafood from western Australia. Thanks to its delicious taste and abundant nutritional content, it is considered the “Oceanic Treasure of the Indian Ocean” and is highly sought after by many gourmet enthusiasts. Currently, Australian lobster prices are being offered at attractive discounts at Seafood World.


Mid-Autumn Festival Feast – The Flavorful Joy of Vietnamese Reunion Tet

Mid-Autumn Festival in the past was adorned with shimmering lanterns, bright star-shaped lanterns; paper masks, and toy figurines bustling with children; and warm reunions with family during the festive season… A Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be complete without the offering of a feast for ancestors that connects families, makes childhood memories in the hearts of every Vietnamese person, and embodies traditional values… Nowadays, the Mid-Autumn feast remains indispensable in every Vietnamese family during the full moon of the eighth lunar month. No matter how far away from home or how busy one is, every Vietnamese person still cannot forget to prepare a sumptuous feast to offer to the ancestors and enjoy together with their family.


Exclusive offers for Lotusmiles members

Lotusmiles is a loyalty program of Vietnam Airlines with four card tiers: Silver, Titanium, Gold, and Platinum.
As one of the important partners of the national airline, Seafood World is deploying attractive offers – exclusively for Lotusmiles members: