Welcome Home – Delicious food to treat your children back


No matter how far you go, home is still a peaceful place to return to after the hustle and bustle of life. Seafood World always remembers the feeling of reunion and distraction in the moment of reunion with family at the cozy reunion party of children away from home.

As a greeting, like warm arms to welcome relatives back after a long trip, as well as the desire to take care of the health and spirit of diners, World Seafood would like to dedicate itself to:

  • Abalone fin soup – the ultimate food for the king for each customer (worth 500k / bow l).

(*) Please note:

– Validity: 1/12–31/12

– Minimum spending > 500k per guest

– Applied simultaneously with other programs

– Applicable to diners belonging to the group of Vietnamese Kieu, international students returning home.

Súp bào ngư vi cá đãi con trở về
Abalone soup and fish fins for my return

Meticulously selected and processed from 3 rare ingredients: Green abalone, fish fin, and sea cucumber, rich in nutrition, fish fin abalone soup has the taste of the Oriental Palace, taking diners through the quintessential tastes and enjoying the feeling of relaxation.

When enjoying, diners will feel the softness, sweetness, and crispiness of abalone, a precious delicacy often served by ancient kings, along with the rich taste of sea cucumber, the salty, crispy taste of fish fin, and the delicate broth’s sweet ocean flavor.

Seafood World hopes that fish fin abalone soup will be a cherished dish, giving the whole heart and a worthy gift, to bond the family’s affection on the return day of the children who are away.

We invite diners to book a table to enjoy:


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