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Delicious seafood, beautiful space are the top criteria when choosing a seafood restaurant. Indeed, because when enjoying seafood, customers will always want to stay in a cool and spacious space, and seafood needs to be fresh, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain is the place that meets all the above criteria and is always the first choice for seafood connoisseurs.

Seafood World – Luxurious space and service at the restaurant

Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain currently has 6 locations throughout Hanoi city. All of the restaurant’s facilities are located on major roads or central streets of the Capital. This makes it convenient for diners to travel, easy to find and create a comfortable feeling when coming to enjoy seafood at the restaurant.

When entering the restaurant, diners will feel like they are standing on a yacht with the breath of the sea. The restaurant space is spacious, airy and no less luxurious. The restaurant is designed with unique architecture combined with blue color to create a refreshing and cool feeling when diners come to the restaurant. In particular, all the facilities of Hanoi’s No. 1 seafood restaurant are designed with large fish tanks simulating sea water to raise seafood, this ensures that the seafood is always fresh and of first-class quality when coming to the table of the diners. The private rooms are also focused on by the restaurant with full capacity to suit all requirements of customers, and are fully equipped with modern amenities.

Luxurious and modern private room space at Seafood World Restaurant
Luxurious and modern private room space at Seafood World Restaurant

True to the restaurant’s slogan “What is swimming, we have it”, diners can enjoy almost all kinds of seafood here. From popular seafood such as shrimp, squid, mantis shrimp, … to rare seafood such as olive fish, King crab, Alaska lobster, … Hanoi’s No. 1 seafood restaurant can provide you. In particular, The Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain is currently the exclusive distributor of Korean golden flounder in Vietnam, those who want to enjoy this rare seafood must come here.

Besides the luxurious space and diverse attractive menu, the quality of service is a huge plus point of the Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain. The restaurant’s staff always serve with 3T – 3K standards: Be honest, dedicated, smile, do not argue with customers, do not press and do not deceive customers.

The staff at Seafood World is extremely professional and dedicated
The staff at Seafood World is extremely professional and dedicated

The best-selling seafood at Seafood World

Green Lobster

This shrimp species is known as the “Empress shrimp”, with a long body, quite large tail and strong and powerful claws. The green lobster has a “royal robe” on its body which is a bold green shell. They often hide in rock crevices, caves on the seabed, so catching them is very difficult.

Green Lobster at Seafood World
Green Lobster at Seafood World

Green lobster has a thick, tough and sweet, delicious meat. True to its reputation as the “Empress shrimp”, this seafood species is not only delicious but also provides diners with many good nutrients for the body such as abundant calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals… Customers and their family will strengthen the immune system, maintain health, it is especially good for the brain and heart.

At the No. 1 seafood restaurant in Hanoi, under the professional hands of a chef with over 20 years of experience, green lobster has been processed into a lot of dishes such as baked shrimp with greasy cheese, and fresh sashimi, roasted dish with salt, … and always keeps the full delicious taste of the sea.

Korean abalone

Referring to abalone, people will immediately think of one of the quintessential dishes of royal cuisine, which often only appeared in the parties of kings and royals in the past. In addition to the premium taste, abalone is also a “nutrient treasure”, possessing each block of thick and sweet, firm meat, rich in crunchy texture, Korean abalone makes people unable to forget its taste even if they taste it only once. Moreover, they have long been considered a “precious medicine” of the sea with an almost perfect balance of nutrients: minerals that prevent cancer, moderate cholesterol, vitamins, amino acids… All provide more energy and enhance resistance.

Korean blue abalone at Seafood World
Korean blue abalone at Seafood World

If diners want to find a restaurant to enjoy prestigious and delicious abalone, then come to Seafood World. Abalone here ensures first-class quality, just eating once is enough to spark memories with various processing methods such as: crunchy, sweet, fresh with Sashimi, nutritious soft and sweet with abalone soup, greasy with grilled onion fat, rich with Hoisin Sauce… Each cooking method brings unforgettable aftertaste for people to enjoy.


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