Menu of the No.1 seafood restaurant chain in Hanoi for the summer

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On hot summer days, using seafood as dishes for family or friends becomes more and more popular. Because seafood is rich in nutrients, it is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is low in saturated fat and high in essential nutrients such as vitamin D, which is beneficial to people’s body in the summer. The Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain will be the destination that diners wishing to enjoy seafood cannot be ignored. Here, we have the best quality, freshest, and diverse seafood for diners to choose from.

The seafood is suitable for summer and is popular at Seafood World.

King crab

King crab is considered the “king” of crabs. This is a seafood with high economic value and high quality meat, so king crab is very popular when receiving precious guests or as gifts.

King crab is beautifully cooked and decorated at the No.1 seafood restaurant in Hanoi
King crab is beautifully cooked and decorated at the No.1 seafood restaurant in Hanoi

This crab is rich in high quality protein. Along with that are minerals necessary for the human body such as: vitamin C, vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc. In addition, king crab contains extremely low fat, suitable for people who are on a diet. In addition, the fatty acids, omega 3 in crab meat help users prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent the growth of cancer cells, enhance resistance in the body, and maintain body shape.

In particular, for those who are allergic to seafood, eating king crab is quite easy. It can be said that the delicious taste of King crab has made the audience completely overcome their fear and can fully enjoy their taste.

At Seafood World Restaurant, king crab is processed into a variety of different dishes. There is baked king crab with fragrant, greasy cheese or sashimi for those who want to fully enjoy the flavor of crab meat,…

Red grouper

Red grouper has long been known as a seafood of great value. The red grouper has a round, stocky body, a very beautiful bright red color, so it is considered the queen of the ocean. In addition, this fish is also known as red grouper, living completely naturally in coral reefs, it is not reared fish, so it gives excellent meat quality, sweet aroma and attractive white color.

Red grouper at Seafood World restaurant
Red grouper at Seafood World restaurant

This fish contains low fat, rich in Omega-3, vitamins, protein, minerals. The amount of DHA in red grouper is very good for the health of the user and the development of young children. Moreover, red grouper is very beneficial for the elderly because it helps reduce the risk of stroke, prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce inflammation, reduce joint pain, lower cholesterol levels, prevent the risk of dementia. Red grouper is also an ideal food for obese people because they eat a lot without worrying about getting fat. The amount of amino acids in fish is very necessary and important for the human body.

As the number 1 quality seafood supermarket and restaurant chain in Hanoi, Seafood World uses techniques and strict processing processes to keep the freshness and quality of natural red grouper intact. Each fish is caught from the East Sea, especially the Sea of Phan Thiet and Con Dao – where there is the best environment for fish to grow, then they will be carefully selected and transported quickly to the Seafood World.

The dishes from the famous grouper at Seafood World can be mentioned as the best sashimi of the grouper when enjoyed with soy sauce and mustard. In particular, the restaurant’s chefs are all trained in Japan to make delicious sashimi to serve diners. In addition, steamed grouper with soy sauce is also an option not to be missed. Soy sauce is made according to the exclusive recipe of Seafood World with a combination of 14 different spices, concentrated for 120 minutes to get a rich, nutritious and delicious juice, different from regular soy sauces. The fish is steamed in water with soy sauce, so it retains the nutrients and delicious flavor in each fiber of the meat. There is also a grilled grouper fillet with salt and chili according to the restaurant’s recipe that is both fragrant and mildly spicy. Eat a piece that the taste keeps forever.

Delicious and hot steamed red grouper
Delicious and hot steamed red grouper


Seafood World – Space with the colors of the sea.

No. 1 seafood restaurant in Hanoi owns a luxurious, spacious and airy space. The restaurant space design is inspired by the vast ocean. The unique design and cool blue color create a feeling of relaxation and refreshment like stepping on a yacht with the breath of the sea.

The private room space of Seafood World is designed in the style of the sea
The private room space of Seafood World is designed in the style of the sea

The restaurant also arranges spacious private rooms with cool modern air conditioning system, suitable for all needs of diners. Around the rooms are hung paintings reminiscent of the vast ocean.

Especially, all the facilities of Seafood World supermarket and restaurant chain are located on major roads. It can be both convenient for traveling, searching and watching the street to create a more comfortable feeling when diners dine.

Not only has delicious food, beautiful space, but the No.1 seafood restaurant in Hanoi also has a prestigious and quality service. The restaurant’s staff is trained to be dedicated and enthusiastic, always putting the satisfaction of customers first. In addition, Seafood World often has special promotions and offers for diners every time they come here to buy seafood or enjoy.

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