Green Lobster – Eat freely, as strong as Thach Sanh

The whole country is in the mood to fight the epidemic. All families hope to have Thach Sanh’s health to defeat Covid. Then, the World of Seafood would also like to join hands in this battle with a “weapon” to increase superior body resistance – Green Lobster!

Giá Tôm hùm Úc ưu đãi

Special offers for Australian Lobsters at Seafood World

The Australian lobster is a precious seafood from western Australia. Thanks to its delicious taste and abundant nutritional content, it is considered the “Oceanic Treasure of the Indian Ocean” and is highly sought after by many gourmet enthusiasts. Currently, Australian lobster prices are being offered at attractive discounts at Seafood World.


Tôm hùm Canada, ưu đãi thả ga

Tôm hùm Canada là một trong những món ăn hấp dẫn thực khách nhất tại Thế giới hải sản. Tri ân khách hàng, tháng 5 này Thế Giới Hải Sản dành tặng ưu đãi lớn đối với tôm hùm Canada trên toàn hệ thống miền bắc.