King class – Family treat


Attractive Emperor Crab offer for all diners to enjoy at the restaurant or take out/ship at home.

King Crab (King Crab) – a “royal” dish for special people

King crab is a type of sea crab from Alaska, with a striking red hard shell and a large shape like a royal robe. A crab usually weighs from 2.5 to 4 kg, even up to 10 kg. However, crab legs and claws are the most delicious places, contain the most meat, and have the highest nutritional value.


Usually, the expensive price is the reason why only the upper class can enjoy this dish. The crab dish from Alaska will bring solemnity and warmth to the family table, helping to elevate the meal to the regal, but still connecting and creating intimacy between people.

King Crab Sashimi at Seafood World
King Crab Sashimi at Seafood World

Not only that, but King crab also contains a lot of nutrients: abundant protein in each fiber, combined with essential vitamins and minerals such as Folate, magnesium… helps the dish become a “precious medicine.” “for those who enjoy. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse this type of seafood for a meal with the family, especially when everyone needs to improve their health like today.


Currently, with the special promotion program of Seafood World, diners will have the opportunity to enjoy King crab at the most affordable price.

King crab with cheese at Seafood World
King crab with cheese at Seafood World


King’s offer – Family treat

Always putting the health of diners first, Seafood World implements the program “Diner’s health is number 1” and offers:

REDUCTION 500,000 VND/kg of King crab until the end of March 10, 2022 throughout the World Seafood system.

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