Vietking – the special wine cellar in Hanoi.

Enjoy high-class wine in a unique space, which can be found nowhere else in  Hanoi.

Seafood World restaurant at no 9A Dao Tan Str. creates an extraordinary experience when enjoying special seafood dishes in a wonderful space with perfect service. You will also have a chance to enjoy the premium aroma and taste of the wine in the newly built Vietking wine cellar, which will definitely help you experience the high class lifestyle.

Because wine, a natural gift for men, can be use in communication as a way to show their class and courtesy, it is not a surprise that wine often appears in parties of successful businessmen, who are busy with their business relationship and meetings with their partners.


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Space vietking

Enjoy high-class wine in a unique space, which can be found nowhere else in  Hanoi.

Coming to Vietking – a rare wine cellar at 9A Dao Tan, you will be satisfied with the taste of fine wines, brewed from grape plantations in Scotland, Italy, France, Chile, America. You can also enjoy the wine with all 5 senses in a luxurious relaxing space inspired by the wine cellars in some European caves. Entering the Vietking wine cellar feels like going deep into a man-made cave crafted with rough dark red walls of wine.

Moreover, five barrel-shaped rooms, which resemble European wine barrels, with a black belt around them create a unique ancient feel. In each room, wine cabinets are designed in the form of partitions, round tables with barrel-like legs and chairs with pictures of tigers, showing a strong position, boundless power. , the mighty power of gentlemen.

Especially, Vietking wine cellar has 3 open-view rooms overlooking Thu Le park, creating a spacious area suitable for those who want to enjoy some fine wine and the beauty of nature at the same time. To emphasize the beautiful atmosphere of the wine cellar, artificial lightting is an important factor. The deep color of the wine cellar space combined with the dim, warm golden light creates an impressive space.

The classic exquisite patterned chandeliers inspired by the stories of Greek mythology, together with the entire indoor space increases the warmth, friendliness, romance and elegance of the atmosphere, which in turn enhances customers’ experience with our fine wine. The charming statue of the wine god or Cham Pa girls outside the room is the highlight that creates a nostalgic and mysterious feel.

With a cup of wine in hand, tilted head and a dreamy feeling, you will feel all the mild, warm, sweet and sour taste of the wine… you can then enjoy with all the passion, pride, and feeling of high status, and above all, the love which is not only for wine but also for Seafood World at 9A Dao Tan. Sipping a glass of wine while enjoying the taste of seafood is such an amazing experience!

It is not too much to say that Vietking wine will not only make you feel tipsy with love but also bring you to a whole new level!