Special golden flounder offer – Exclusive gifts for distinguished guests


The golden flounder, a rare and famous fish species recognized for its excellent taste and firm meat, is one of the most favored dishes at Seafood World. To give guests an additional opportunity to experience this sort of fish, the restaurant is offering this really appealing golden flounder deal!

The golden flounder – an alluring gold bar of the ocean

The golden flounder primarily lives in the seas of Japan and South Korea. They are known for their shiny, luxurious appearance, and as such, they are also called “gold bars beneath the ocean floor.”

Furthermore, the fish has earned such a moniker due to its scarcity and sophisticated production techniques. The golden flounder is found deep beneath the water. Fishermen cannot use nets to collect this sort of seafood and must fish up one by one. As a result, the number of golden flounders collected from the ocean floor is small. Furthermore, after fishing, fishermen must allow the fish to repose in the water tank for 1-2 days, avoiding any physical contact that can stress them, in order to assure the optimum quality of the fish flesh.

Fresh and delicious golden flounders at Seafood World
Fresh and delicious golden flounders at Seafood World

Perhaps because they live at the bottom of the deep sea, enduring year-round coldness, the golden flounder possesses an incredibly strange appearance. Its body is flat and its eyes are located on the same side, which is extremely amusing. However, thanks to its peculiar look, this fish species has no tiny bones, making it easy and safe to eat, especially for young children.

With a weight of about 1.2kg per fish, diners can prepare a golden flounder into various delectable dishes such as congee with the head and tail, grilled skin and fin with chili and salt, and sashimi with the meat sliced along the backbone and belly! Each dish carries a different flavor but all have the rich and fresh taste of fish, combined with a slightly fatty and nutritious richness, beneficial for health.

Golden flounder sashimi – One of the most popular dishes at Seafood World
Golden flounder sashimi – One of the most popular dishes at Seafood World

Special offer for golden flounders at World Seafood

The golden flounder is delicious, nutritious, and rare, therefore, highly priced.

To give customers more opportunities to savor the golden flounder, Seafood World is launching the following promotion:

Free 1,500,000 VND per kilogram to all customers. Applicable to dining at the Seafood World system until June 30, 2023.

To enjoy this precious seafood, guests should make a reservation at the nearest World Seafood establishment to be served! 

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