Enjoy longan tea at Hien Street at Seafood World

Chè nhãn phố Hiến tại Thế Giới Hải Sản

When referring to Hung Yen, people will immediately think of longan. In particular, Hung Yen lotus seed longan tea has become a famous specialty of Hien Street. Longan tea with lotus seeds was a precious product for the king in feudal times. This dish has also been added to the menu of Hanoi’s No. 1 seafood restaurant, Seafood World.

Logan tea at Hung Yen.

Hung Yen longan has a noble aroma, thick pulp, and is sweeter than any other longan in Vietnam. Therefore, the lotus seed longan tea here is famous and delicious. Longan lotus seed tea uses fresh or dried longan pulp and lotus seeds to cook. This depends on the season. In midsummer or late autumn, when the longan is ripe and the lotus fades, fresh food can be enjoyed. In other seasons, dry clothes must be used.

Chè nhãn phố Hiến tại Thế Giới Hải Sản
Pho Hien Longan tea at Seafood World


Making lotus seed tea requires a lot of ingenuity, from the selection of raw materials to the process of separating the longan. Workers need to carefully and skillfully separate the longan from the seeds so that the pulp is not crushed. After that, they have to put the lotus seeds inside so that the pulp of the longan embraces the lotus seeds and blends the incense together.

In some places, like Hue and Saigon, there is also longan tea, each with its own taste. But the famous Hung Yen lotus seed longan tea of Hien Street is still the right kind of specialty to offer to the king.

Pho Hien longan tea at Seafood World.

Pho Hien Longan Tea is a new item on the menu at Seafood World. With clean and fresh ingredients, the restaurant’s Chefs wish to bring diners delicious, sweet, and cool experiences to “pull” the taste buds after a hearty seafood party at the seafood restaurant No. 1 Hanoi.

Blending the sweet taste of Hung Yen’s longan with the fleshy, slightly fragrant taste of lotus seeds in the ancient capital of Hue, with red apple and alum sugar, mixed with the faintly awakening scent of jasmine flowers, creates a delicate dessert: Pho Hien longan tea at Seafood World.


Chè nhãn phố Hiến vừa ngon, vừa bổ dưỡng
Hien street longan tea is both delicious and nutritious


Not only that, Pho Hien Longan Tea becomes a delicious and nutritious dish for all family members thanks to the abundant nutrition from the ingredients. The dish helps to provide energy for the body, cure kidney damage, sedation, insomnia, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, etc., among many other uses.

In particular, from June 24 to the end of June 28, Seafood World has a program called “JUST HAPPY STREET: GIFT OF LOVE, GIVE FAMILY DAY”, When going from 2 people or more, the restaurant will give each family member 1 bowl of street Hien Longan tea. The program cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

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