Swing for Seafood: Boost energy for a perfect Swing

Proud to be one of the few restaurants that understands the passion of golfers after the wide swing of the ball, we want to connect with the golf enthusiast community, share the joy of winning, and free body and mind at the hearty seafood table.

As a way to cheer up the spirit and empower golfers to have more swinging clubs “hundred winning”, World Seafood is honored to give cherished gifts of seafood swimming class 1 in the program SWING FOR SEAFOOD. Thereby, the restaurant wishes to accompany golfers to every trophy, share every moment, and enjoy every legendary swing.

After playing golf and booking a table at Seafood World, diners will receive the following gifts:

  • FREE 01 Gold-coated abalone for all golfers with VHandicap codes
  • Special offer applies to customers using using the VHANDICAP system (Each VHndicap code is applied only once).


Especially within 7 days from the date of play, after playing golf and booking a table at Seafood World, you will receive the following gifts:

– 01 pot of Fishing Boat Hot Pot: When Golfer reaches Eagle, HIO, or Albatross

– 01 green abalone when Golfer reaches Birdie.

– 01 green abalone when Golfer reaches Par as follows:

+ 1 parent/child with HDC >30

+ 2 parents/children with HDC >20-30

+ 3 par/child with HDC >10-20

+ 4 par/con with HDC 0–10

 (*) Conditions for receiving gifts:

  • Apply for one time/Golfer to use the service at the restaurant.
  • The Golfer has a certificate of the course with HIO, Albatross, and Eagle prizes.
  •  Give up to 2 abalone or golfers.
  • Gifts are not redeemable for cash and are applied throughout the system. tournaments and have an expiration date within 7 days (from the date of issue).
  • The gift is valid for 7 days (from the date of play).
  • Applied from: 27/6–31/8.


We invite diners to join the program and book a table to enjoy:

18 Trần Kim Xuyến, Cầu Giấy – 090 461 0626
75A Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm – 090 604 2626
Tháp C Golden Palace, 99 Mễ Trì – 090 448 2626
60 Vũ Trọng Khánh, Mỗ Lao, Hà Đông – 093 196 26 26
36 Điện Biên Phủ, Ba Đình – 093 189 26 26
Hotline CSKH: 1900636061.