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Phu Quoc squid is one of the dishes that are sought after by many people in Vietnam because of its delicious and unique sea-like taste. However, to find the best taste for the dish, Seafood World is the place to have the best squid that everyone who comes to the restaurant should enjoy once.

Introducing Phu Quoc squid

Squid is one of the famous sea specialties of Phu Quoc waters with delicious, naturally sweet flavor. Squid is often fished near the shore by fishermen, the time to move to the mainland is fast, so the squid is very fresh.

The body of the squid is round and long, like a water pipe. Squid has a clear body and head, is symmetrical on both sides, has skin, and has eight arms and a pair of tentacles.

Deep-fried squid at Seafood World
Deep-fried squid at Seafood World

Not only that, squid also provides 63% of the body’s selenium, an antioxidant that can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. In addition, squid also supports the formation of red blood cells, improves bones and teeth and also helps to reduce headaches significantly.

Finally, Phu Quoc squid can be cooked into many dishes such as steamed squid with ginger, mixed stir-fried squid, fried squid, etc. When enjoying squid, diners will feel the sweet taste from the sea along with such firm meat fiber that when you try it once, you won’t be able to resist a second bite.

Delicious dishes from Phu Quoc squid at Seafood World

At Seafood World, Phu Quoc squid is one of the most popular dishes that diners must try when coming to the restaurant, because the dish contains healthy nutrients with the skillful hands of the chef. When the dish is finished processing, diners cannot resist when experiencing it. Phu Quoc squid at the restaurant always meets first-class quality standards, seafood has been carefully reviewed by Seafood World experts before being purchased. Furthermore, the seafood is always guaranteed to be fresh, swims in the tank and will be placed in tanks of special quality to match their ecological environment.

The restaurant has two of the most delicious dishes made from squid: steamed squid and deep-fried squid. First, the steamed squid has the sweet taste of squid meat, marinated with spices such as garlic, chili, and onion to create the aroma and spicy taste. It is served with fish sauce mixed with green cucumber dip to add a fresh and delicious taste. This is a nutritious and attractive meal that everyone should experience when coming to Seafood World.

Deep-fried squid is no less than steamed squid, fried squid has a delicious taste, crispy on the outside but soft and greasy inside. Squid is ruffled with deep-fried flour to create a crispy crust, fragrant with fried dough. When biting, the squid taste is fragrant and sweet, and you can feel the rich taste of the sea.

Steamed squid at Seafood World
Steamed squid at Seafood World

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