Mid-Autumn Festival Feast – The Flavorful Joy of Vietnamese Reunion Tet


Mid-Autumn Festival in the past was adorned with shimmering lanterns, bright star-shaped lanterns; paper masks, and toy figurines bustling with children; and warm reunions with family during the festive season… A Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be complete without the offering of a feast for ancestors that connects families, makes childhood memories in the hearts of every Vietnamese person, and embodies traditional values… Nowadays, the Mid-Autumn feast remains indispensable in every Vietnamese family during the full moon of the eighth lunar month. No matter how far away from home or how busy one is, every Vietnamese person still cannot forget to prepare a sumptuous feast to offer to the ancestors and enjoy together with their family.

The unique flavor of the Mid-Autumn Festival feast at Seafood World lies in the crystallization of traditional cultural values, along with the contemporary culinary harmonies in dishes that bring both the old and the new, creating a unique experience for every diner.

There are 2 options for customers to experience: “Reunion Feast” and “Moonlit Feast”. With only 1,600,000 VND, diners will have a family feast right at home plus free delivery.

  1. The menu for “Reunion Feast” includes the following dishes:
Reunion Feast
Reunion Feast
  • Seafood World sour and spicy hot pot: 1 set
  • Oysters baked with cheese: 5 heads
  • Seafood World fried spring rolls: 5 pcs
  • Pomelo salad with shrimp and meat: 1 fruit
  • Watermelon: 1 fruit
  1. The menu for “Moonlit Feast” includes the following dishes:
Moonlit Feast
Moonlit Feast
  • Seafood cheese pastry: 1 piece
  • Cheese bread: 5 pcs
  • Deep fried squid: 1 plate (500gr)
  • Norwegian salmon seaweed soup: 1 bowl
  • Pomelo salad with shrimp and meat: 1 fruit
  • Watermelon: 1 fruit

(*) Note: The listed price does not include 10% VAT.

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