Giant isopod – summer seafood not to be missed

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When going to eat seafood, diners are too familiar with shrimps, crabs, sentinel crabs… So why don’t diners come to Hanoi’s No. 1 seafood restaurant – Seafood World to enjoy giant isopods, unique dishes at restaurant.

Giant isopod – unique and special seafood:

The giant isopod is considered one of the rarest seafood in the ocean. A muscular body, a shiny brown armor and the same family name as shrimp, have created a distinctive feature of the giant isopod. In addition, the most prominent feature of this species is its enlarged terrestrial beetle-like body. When grown up, each isopod is fat and very round. In addition, there are two rows of dense legs and sharp claws, so it is also known by fishermen as the giant isopod.

Giant isopod at Seafood World
Giant isopod at Seafood World

When processing, the flesh of the giant isopod is milky white, very suitable for steaming and boiling. So when enjoying the meat of this species, it is fatty but not greasy, but sweet and mild. When you have experienced giant isopod dishes, diners will remember forever.

Seafood World – the most delicious and best quality giant isopod distributor in Hanoi

At Seafood World, giant isopods seem to be emerging as a must-try new dish when coming to the restaurant, because the dish contains healthy nutrients with the skillful hands of the chef. When the dish is finished processing, diners cannot resist when experiencing it. The giant isopod at the restaurant is a first-class quality product, seafood has been carefully reviewed by Seafood World experts before being purchased. Diners have complete peace of mind, because the seafood is always fresh, swimming when brought to the restaurant and will be placed in tanks of special quality to match their ecological environment.

When entering Seafood World, diners will feel the spacious, airy space, designed like a yacht based on inspiration from the sea.. Not only that, the restaurant is designed with unique architecture and blue is the main tone to create a feeling of coolness, relaxation and refreshment every time you enter the restaurant.

 In addition, the restaurant arranges spacious rooms with cool “genuine” air-conditioning system. Besides, Seafood World is located in a position where you can see the large road, so when enjoying the meal, customers can see the whole view of the road, making it more comfortable for diners to dine.


Space at Seafood World
Space at Seafood World

Moreover, the restaurant staff is always dedicated, enthusiastic and puts the needs of customers first. Not only that, the chef at Seafood World pays great attention to every detail in the dish. They have spent more than 20 years of experience learning to bring quality and premium food. When processing, the chefs must prepare carefully and meticulously and skillfully so that the seafood has the best quality and then bring it up for diners to enjoy and dine. Supporting equipment such as microphones, music players, etc. are indispensable to create the atmosphere when organizing a party as vibrant and fun as possible.

 Finally, the restaurant also has a promotion program of 500k / kg for giant isopods applied until the end of June 15 throughout the system.

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