Premium elite Australian Abalone offers


For a long time, abalone is considered a noble food and contains abundant nutrients, very good for human health. Grateful to diners during the epidemic season, Seafood World offers diners a special offer of abalone.

Abalone – The quintessence of the sea

It took more than half a decade of survival, more effort to be kept and transported, and a quality “swimming” abalone reached the table of diners. Perhaps therefore, although it is no longer as rare as it was in the time of “Bat Pearl” – the 8 most delicate and sophisticated dishes of ancient cuisine, abalone is still the embodiment of luxury and class, only for the world the rich.

Bào ngư hấp dẫn tại Thế giới hải sản
Attractive abalone at Seafood World

Growing and developing in seas full of fresh elements of nature and abundant sources of seaweed, South Australian abalone and Korean abalone are considered the “premium” types of the world. Owning each block of meat thick and sweet, and rich in crunchy texture, they make the eater can’t stop thinking about their taste even once to enjoy.

Not only that, abalone has long been considered the “panacea” of the ocean with an almost perfect balance of nutrients: anti-cancer minerals, moderate cholesterol, vitamins, and abundant amino acids. … All provide more energy, strengthen resistance, shape, healthy skin for all customers.

Abalone special offer from Seafood World

Accompanying dinners and helping diners strengthen their resistance during the epidemic season, Seafood World offers diners a special gift:

– Offer 1,800,000 VND/kg Australian green abalone, and Korean abalone.

(Valid until June 30, 2023)

Crispy sweet abalone sashimi
Crispy sweet abalone sashimi



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