Golden abalone brings the philosophy of the Five Elements’ mutual generation to diners


The vast ocean has bestowed upon humanity many precious and nutritious gifts, among which is abalone. It has long been considered one of the rare delicacies, only appearing in lavish feasts of the Royal Court. And when simmered with silkie chicken, lotus root, shiitake, and caterpillar fungus, it becomes even more valuable than ever.

So what’s special about abalone simmered with silkie chicken and caterpillar fungi – a dish that chefs at the World Seafood have diligently researched and developed? The main ingredients include green abalone of Korean origin possessing thick and abundant meat, small but nutritious silkie chicken, refreshing lotus roots, fresh and delicious caterpillar fungi, and fragrant shiitake mushrooms. These five ingredients – 5 symbolic flavors representing the philosophy of the five elements’ mutual generation harmony – convey the best wishes to the diners. This is also the unique and outstanding feature of Vietnamese culinary culture that has been recognized by other culinary cultures around the world.


The five main ingredients are simmered in a clay pot along with a special broth. After 2 hours of cooking in the broth extracted from precious ingredients such as ginseng, scallops, and sea cucumbers. Their flavors are blended to create a delicious and nutritious dish to enhance health. From the first touch on the tongue, diners will sense the ‘heat’ from the outside but a ‘coolness’ inside for their well-being. Next, they will experience the crispiness of firm strips of Korean green abalone, the tender sweetness of free-range chicken, the crunch of refreshing lotus roots, the aromatic fragrance of caterpillar fungi, and fresh shiitake mushrooms, all of which mix harmoniously. The harmonious combination of these precious ingredients creates a medicinal recipe that enhances the taste, helps boost the immune system, prevents viruses and bacteria from invading the body, expands heart and brain blood vessels, and reduces blood fat and cholesterol.

With the effects of abalone, silkie chicken, caterpillar fungi, and shiitake mushrooms, the chefs at World Seafood have created a dish called “Abalone Simmered with Silkie Chicken and Caterpillar Fungi” for customers’ health enhancement and immune system reinforcement. Additionally, the restaurant is running a promotion where customers receive two bowls of simmer for the price of one. The promotion is valid until the end of July 2021. This is also one of the actions in line with the restaurant’s philosophy of “Customer health is the top priority”.